2014 Wrap up

Matt vanTuinen QRC champion for 2014...Photo Lorne Close

The end of another fantastic year approaches and what a year it has been, The Queensland Rally Championships has been won by Matt vanTuinen and Co-driver Erin Kelly, over 6 action packed rounds which saw a State of OriginĀ event between QLD and NSW run by the Gold Coast Tweed Motorsporting Club in Northern NSW and of course the International Rally of Queensland. We also saw a totally new event this year even though it was non competitive in the Lions TT based out of Kyogle this was a fantastic event that we covered for the organisers with an awesome turn out of over 300 entrants.The Lockyer Valley came alive with the always spectacular TJM Lockyer 300 the final round of the Australian Offroad Racing Championship and the decider for the overall title for 2014. Throw in some of the smaller events like the Khanacross run out at the Hirstglen Precinct by GCTMC and the Jimna Revival Rally run by BSCC it has been a cracker year. So here it is in images enjoy and from all the editorial and photographic staff here at AMM have a safe and Merry Christmas 2014 and we will see you all again for season 2015.


QRC Rnd 1 Manumbar.

Rob Bishop on a charge before thing went pear shaped..Photo Lorne Close


Michael Oldano shows them all how it’s done…Photo Lorne Close


John Black charges through the forestry…Photo Lorne Close


John Keen looking Ship Shape…Photo Rohan Hills
Kim Acworth power down in the Liberty ….Photo Rohan Hills


KCF Jimna Revival Rally


Tristan Carrigan proves he’s still got it …Photo Rohan Hills.


Daniel Gibson shows the classics can still cut it … Photo Rohan Hills


David Gaines powers on … Photo Rohan Hills


Stephen Tonna on the move … Photo Lorne Close


Shaun Dragona throws it in … Photo Lorne Close


Event Sponsor Keith Fackrell doin his thing as Fast Sweep … Photo Lorne Close


Hirstglen GCTMC Rally Sprint

Phillip Casper playing in the dirt …Photo Dean Morgan
Chris Wedding pushes just a little to hard … Photo Lorne Close
Clay Badenoch slidin round … Photo Lorne Close
Jay Davidson digging holes … Photo Lorne Close


International Rally of Queensland. QRC Rnd 2 & 3

Chinese Driver Jun Xu… Photo Lorne Close
Jan Kopecki lines up the corner … Photo Rohan Hills
Mick Patton in disguise…Photo Rohan Hills
Kent Lawrence leans into the corner…Photo Rohan Hills
Aaron Brown before the mechanical problems came to roost …Photo Lorne Close
Kent Lawrence SS2 on a charge before the mechanical issues started… Photo Lorne Close
Eli Evans SS3 … Photo Rohan Hills
Rooster Tail by Neil Bates … Photo Lorne Close


Border Ranges Rally

NSW driver Tim Wilkins pushes the Silvia through the corners…Photo Dean Morgan.


Matt vanTuinen dominant in the WRX…Photo Lorne Close
John Spencer in the mighty 240RS…Photo Lorne Close
Stephen Tonna hooks into the corner …Photo Lorne Close
Matthew Linning glides through the spectator point on Hillyards…Photo Craig Houston


Lions Rd TT


Photo… Jaymie Jones
Photo…Jaymie Jones
Photo…Jaymie Jones
Photo…Jaymie Jones


Photo… Tony Namour

Photo…Tony Namour


Photo…Tony Namour


Photo…Tony Namour




TJM Lockyer 300

Greg Gartner doin it on 2 wheels…Photo Dean Morgan



Geoff Pickering we have lift off…Photo Dean Morgan
Beau Robinson washing off the dust…Photo Craig Houston
Clayton Chapman stiring up the dust…Photo Craig Houston


Jack Rhodes throwin out the dirt…Photo Nicole Jenkins
Clayton Chapman Hang time…Photo Nicole Jenkins
Shannon Rentsch powering his way to victory…Photo Lorne Close
Michael Marson …Photo Lorne Close
Greg Gartner digging in…Photo Lorne Close
Shawn Swaffield walking on air…Photo Rohan Hills
Ryan Taylor…Photo Rohan Hills
Talbot Cox hangin out…Photo Rohan Hills
Shannon Rentsch lets the champagne flow after winning the 2014 title…Photo Lorne Close


KCF Forest Finale QRC Rnd 6

Ian Menzies on the hunt for glory…Photo Nicole Jenkins
John Keen Farkeen fantastic…Photo Nicole Jenkins
Matt vanTuinen QRC champion for 2014…Photo Lorne Close


Gerard McConkey the GT4 has still got it…Photo Lorne Close
Ivan Voevodin has got the RX7 wound up to the max…Lorne Close