Through the Lens

Matt vanTuinen QRC champion for 2014...Photo Lorne Close


As a young man rally was my first introduction to live Motorsport so it holds a place close to me, but it would seem to be a smaller crowd each year that this applies to. Yes, all forms of Motorsport must change, that is simply progress, but what I see of late seems to be more regress, less rallies on the calendar, and the same tired forestry roads that have been the staple for years. Now there is nothing wrong with these roads and they have stood the test of time, unfortunately they tend to be remote. The crews will make the trek to race although even that seems to be dwindling in numbers with some rallies having to be cancelled due to lack of participants. The point is spectators won’t, ¬†and after all rally is a spectator sport, ¬†sponsors will not pay if there is no one to see it. So what is the solution? Are the entry fees to high? Are the forestry roads to hard and expensive on the equipment? How about bring the rallies closer to suburbia and onto shire roads where spectators can watch, and a new era of fans can fall in love with arguably the most exciting form of Motorsport on the planet. Act now and be proactive before it’s to late. Till next time STAY DUSTY….

Could this become a thing of the past ?….Photo Lorne Close