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As all of our regulars know we are following Kim Acworth and Ian Swinbourne in this years Queensland Rally Championship. The 8th of March saw the first event on the calendar transpire, hosted by the Brisbane Sporting Car Club in Manumbar.

We caught up with the team before the fun began for the day to get a feel for where they are at. This is the first time that Kim and Ian have partnered up so there is going to be an obvious learning curve for them. The Rattler Cafe in Imbil well known to spectators and competitors alike at the International Rally of Queensland has come on board with some sponsor dollars for the guys, which as anyone knows is always needed at any level of motorsport. The only changes that have been made to the car is a change from a front mount inter-cooler top the original top mount water to air system to keep within class regulations.

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Ready to race

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So how did they go for their first outing. Unfortunately not so well, after hitting some rough track in stage 2 they broke one rear strut mount. But not to be perturbed soldiered on to the next stage and managed to complete the 28km distance despite breaking the strut mount on the other side. On the upside Kim says she has learned alot about the car and driving it in less than perfect conditions and it has helped her grow as a competitor.

Stage 2 Before the damage

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 A DNF for round one but the battle has only just begun we will keep you posted on the team progress and rebuild till then

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