Aussie Bush Rally QRC Rnd 1

Round 1 of the Queensland Rally Championships has been run and won. With a change of venue this year HQ based at the Manumbar Showgrounds and a revised format i.e.  earlier start at 10am and finished by 5pm the promise of a great rally season starter was all coming together. The roads were fast, the weather bright and sunny and all was going well till stage 3 when the EVO 3 of Rob Bishop and Jo O’Dell ran foul of a causeway and backed it into the drink reports we have had is the crew is fine just a bit sore the car however is not.

Manumbar 2014 039
Rob Bishop & Jo O’Dell stage 2

Consequently stage 3 was cancelled until recovery of the crew could be carried out . The rally was starting to prove costly to the teams as by the start of stage 5 the field of 45 starters was down to 34 and still there were more to drop whether from mechanical failures like Emma Sticklen who boiled her clutch fluid on stage 5

Emma Sticklen before she boiled the clutch fluid


or Steven Bailey who rolled and wound up skidding down a hill on his roof with only 5 km to go on the last stage,

Steven Bailey before the roll

the rally was anything but uneventful. In the end there has to be a winner and this time it was Matt Van Tuinen’s turn.Manumbar 2014 256 Well done Matt and for all those that didn’t finish that is unfortunately the way it goes in this sport that we love, better luck to you all at IROQ and till then remember