KCF Jimna Revival Rally

Jimna Revival Rally 1 280
Naming rights sponsor Keith Fackrell doing his bit as Fast Sweep
Stephen Tonna close but not close enough
Tristan Carrigan throws it in at the spectator area

Jimna came alive on the 10th of May for the KCF Rallysport Jimna Revival Rally, based at the old Jimna school 25 rally teams geared up for what was to essentially be a rally sprint format with only 2 stages to be run 3 times each with a total competitive distance of 50km. Conditions couldn’t have been better even though the sky threatened to open up the most received was a few drops. the roads were quite dusty and at times,hard to see especially during the last stage when the wind died completely. The event was setup with the purpose of being a shakedown for IROQ in June and a chance for those a bit rusty or simply new to pace notes to get the system tuned.   An epic battle was going to take place with an impressive line up of drivers. Notably Tristan Carrigan returning to Rally in Queensland after a 12 year absence with the same Ford Laser he blew everyone away with all those years ago. Throw in the Evo5 of Stephen Tonna and the Evo6 of  Aaron Brown, Clay Weston’s Ford Fiesta and the WRX’s of Kylie Smart and Shaun Dragona, along with a few classics it was looking good.

Daniel Gibson lifts a wheel through the spectator area


Chris Wedding also charging in the classic Datto


Jimna Revival Rally 1 041
Tim Erwin was an early contender
Aaron Brown fighting to stay in the game

The battle began early with Aaron Brown posting a 3.41 for stage 1 and the next closest being 3.54 for Tristan Carrigan. However stage 2 was to prove different with Carrigan on full attack pulling a 7.58 a full 16 seconds ahead of Stephen Tonna and only a few seconds separating the rest of the top runners. Tim Erwin stepped up to the plate and took a swing for stage 3 posting a 3.41 to equal Brown’s run from the previous round with Carrigan and Tonna 5 seconds behind. Stage 4 saw Carrigan take a hug chunk out of his previous time on this stage with a time of 7.43 this boy is on fire. Brown and Tonna both tried to catch the man but the best they could do was a 7.52 and 7.57 respectively.   Carrigan tied with Erwin for the next stage  with a 3.40 and Tonna 5 seconds off the pace. We now had just 1 stage to run and the battle was starting to look like it was over but just to stamp his dominance on the field Carrigan pulled out all the stops and posted a 7.38 to which no replies even came close. So after 12 years Tristan Carrigan proved that he has still got it even in an older car that should have been outclassed against the more modern Evo’s. Great event Peter Flynn did a fabulous job as Clerk of Course and I for 1 cant wait to see what IROQ throws up for the QRC contenders.

Jimna Revival Rally 2 137
Tristan Carrigan at full noise stage 4

Story by Lorne Close Images by Lorne Close & Rohan Hills