Editorial – Radical Race Experience

Australian Motorsport Photography recently visited the team at Radical Race Experience whilst they where at the Norwell Track.

Must say the guys are great blokes and where more than willing to let our AusMoto team look around the vehicles and take a few photos whilst at the track.  Check out their website for more information – http://www.drivingevents.com.au



Australian Motorsport Photography often get to see some of these “Driver experiences” however this is really one of the only ones where you get to experience a REAL race quality vehicle such as the SR3 pictured above. You can actually get to drive the vehicle under the guidance of a qualified driver so it is you controlling the car. Then once you have had a few laps of driving yourself – they can take you for some serious HOT laps at full race pace.

Whilst we where there one of the passengers got out after the hot lap and this is the very censored version of what he said – “wow that was the most amazing of feelings”…… you can imagine what he REALLY said..

Check it out motorsport fans. Enjoy the speed feel the rush get behind the wheel yourself.