A new app to hit the market is driving mechanics to a paperless, more efficient and faster service thanks to an idea from a customer and a mechanic to drive it.

Designer Scott Wright from Whitespace Digital Branding said he created The Mechanic App after an experience he had with a recent car service.

“After having my car serviced, I didn’t really understand what had been done or how much it was going to cost. I also noticed that there was double handling with paperwork in the workshop and that there must be a better system,” said Mr. Wright.

Mechanic App How It Works 1


“Using The Mechanic App, the technician just enters the information on the spot, taking photos as they go through section by section, and simply submits the report once done. It is then emailed to the customer in a single company branded PDF.”

“Everyone wins as the customer knows what’s involved and costs and the shop saves time and money from a simplified, streamlined system,” said Mr. Wright.

Mechanic App How It Works 2


Mr. Wright also collaborated with a workshop to gain a greater understanding from both the mechanic and customer. One of the mechanics using the app said he couldn’t believe how simple it was to use and the potential it had to increase business.

Mechanic App How It Works 3


“I never thought I’d use an iPad in the shop, but decided to give it a go and it really works for us. It saves us time and money and takes away a backlog of paperwork. Clients can also book in straight away and receive alerts when services are due.” said the mechanic.

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With technology now driving so much of our lives, The Mechanics App is able to streamline the way mechanics work. Through the app, mechanics can also send a push notification reminding people to book in for their next service. Please go to www.themechanicapp.com.au for more information.

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