Scenic Rim Motorplex Closer to Reality

Department Of State Development decision due on land allocation in the Scenic Rim

Support Provided By Mayor and Local Business Leaders and Local Police

The Scenic Rim Motorsport Association (SRMSA) is confident of a positive result for an upcoming decision by the Department of State Development (DSD) on a parcel of land, owned by Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM), in excess of 13000 acres to be allocated to the people of the Scenic Rim District.

The SRMSA wishes to construct a community based facility including Motorplex focusing on grass roots motorsports.

Once completed the Association hopes to include as many as sixteen different types of motorsport disciplines at the one venue.

Also at the Venue the SRMSA plans to include community based facilities such as walking tracks, play areas, recreation areas and multi use area for displays, cars shows, training facilities etc.

A special effort is being made to include a safe and secure facility for community based driver training for the youth of the Scenic Rim and surrounds.

It is envisaged that the Motorplex will have a flow on effect into the local community by providing much needed employment and infrastructure into the area.

Mayor of the Scenic Rim Regional Council, Cr John Brent, has been very supportive of the SRMSA vision and welcomes the significant economic boost to the region that will accompany the Motorplex over the coming years.

The business community of the Scenic Rim Region has also been very receptive to the construction of the Motorplex. The Association also has support from Police Department and various different clubs and associations.

The SRMSA, especially the executive, has worked very hard over the past few years on this project, which included a considerable amount of administrative hurdles, not to mention a Government change. The association is expecting a favourable result considering that many diverse interest groups will be represented at this venue.

The Departments decision is expected to be handed down in early October.

About the Scenic Rim Motorsport Association Inc

Mission statement; “Giving Motorsport back to the people”

The Scenic Rim Motor Sports Association Inc. was formed in August 2010 by a small group of motorsport racers and enthusiasts of many types of motorsports. Its aim is to lobby governments of all levels to acquire enough land within the Scenic Rim Shire to build a community based motorsport and driver training facility. Support for this Association and the proposal has grown now to over 7000 members and petitioners combined. The Association is regularly represented at community events promoting this facility.

The SRMSA is fully incorporated and is affiliated with CAMS. We also have total support from the Australian Street Rod Federation, Sprint Cars Qld, Scenic Rim Regional Council, the Driver Training sector, and many more media, and corporate institutions. We have many corporate businesses ready to jump on board for the construction and operation of this facility.

The Scenic Rim Region is beautifully situated geographically, as it is only 1 hour from Brisbane & the Gold Coast and approximately 1.5 hours from the Sunshine Coast, Northern New South Wales, Toowoomba, Warwick and the Darling Downs.