Through the Lens

Photo.. Matt Taylor


The announcement yesterday that Sidchrome were withdrawing their backing of the National Extreme Rallycross series was met with various reactions most of those that I saw were the perfect example of why social media is the perfect platform for those who are uninformed and like to whinge( keyboard warriors). They whinge that there was only one Supercar Lite, well I don’t see them putting up their hand to spend the $100,000 plus price to purchase another. Do they actually have any concept of the sheer mammoth task involved in just running 1 round, Lakeside Park built the track to host the 1st round all other venues had to be purpose-built at a cost of around $250,000 per venue. We all know that corporate dollars in motor sport are extremely hard to find in this country unless you are the premier category. Did these keyboard warriors attend the event at Lakeside? the majority of people I spoke to there were excited and liked the concept. Obviously there is some tweaking to be done but come on 1st round, when did we become a Nation of no tolerance? we used to be a country where everyone was given a fair go. I for one don’t want to see this category disappear from the race calendar why?

I am a die-hard Rally fan but I recognize that rally is becoming harder to maintain. Motorsports is a spectator sport and people are not wanting to travel out into the sticks to watch an event, and from a competitor point of view the forestry tracks are harder on cars . Extreme Rallycross brings this same action to your doorstep it combines the best of Rally and Circuit racing on track at the same time for all to see.

So what is needed to keep this alive?  it needs public support, those that attended round 1 if you enjoyed it let everyone know, voice the positives and whisper any negatives you may have heard or felt. Without support this sport will disappear. Four years ago the Redbull  GRC was in a very similar position and look at it now it’s thriving this can be the same but it is up to us if we want it to.



Till next time have fun stay safe and above all