Whitley takes on WAMS Fitness Camp


Alexandra Whitley Joined by 10 upcoming female drivers from around Australia were all put through their paces both physically and mentally over the weekend as they attended the Wams Elite Drivers Fitness Camp in Melbourne on the weekend. They attended the camp to boost their abilities and to find the winning formula.

Whitley headed to Melbourne a day earlier than the other Girls to meet with Karen Smythe of The Vibrant Edge to go through a Speak Up For Sport course. She will be coaching Whitley over the next 12 months with public speaking, media interviews, social media and how to look after sponsors as a park of her WAMS Junior Development scholarship.

The Camp was on the Mornington Peninsula with trainers Damian Prasad high performance motorsport coach. Brett ”Moose” Stephens professional footballer, Jay ”Bottle” Thompson professional surfer. Cara Black elite tennis player, Leanne Tander and Samantha Reid. Both successful female drivers and inspirational mentors.

The Ladies learnt what it’s like to be a professional racecar drivers, they ran, sprinted, jogged, hiked, walked and even paddles across almost 40kms over 2 days. Starting on the sand and finishing in the bush learning the importance or exercise and fitness routines, nutrition and mental determination.layer and Leanne Tander and Samantha Reid. Both successful female Drivers and inspirational mentors.
Who pushed us beyond what we thought our capabilities are and brought the best out in ourselves.

The philosophy for the weekend, as the girls are all different stages, fitness levels and ages in their careers, it’s not about the result, but the effort you put in. Whitley won the best effort award. After each activity treating it like her last for the day she was on the ground catching her breath and in pain and lactic acid building from the extreme effort she had put in. Whitley said ‘I couldn’t even lift my legs the first day to drive a car! I have been sore from training before but nothing like this.’

A great learning experience the ladies aren’t going to forget, they have all taken away a lot from the weekend and are very grateful for the opportunity from WAMS.


Article and image by Alexandra Whitley