Archer Falls the place to be

The Archer Falls Airfield annual Endeavour Rally fundraising Drive, Fly, and Gallop in, provided a fun day out for everyone involved. The fantastic volunteers put on an exceptional show, aiming to fundraise for the Groot the Truck’s participation in the Super Endeavour Rally in June this year. Planes flew in from Caboolture, and vehicles from across Southern Queensland made the trip to join the show ‘n’ shine to help raise money for one of Queensland’s biggest disability support charities.


The Endeavour Foundation was founded in 1951 and works to support more than 3,300 people living with a disability throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. The Foundation exists to provide support with education, accommodation and respite, workplace training and integration, and improved recreational and lifestyle opportunities. Up to 40% of the funds needed for these endeavours are achieved through fundraising events such as the Great Endeavour Rally and the Fly In at Archer Falls. Without public support the Foundation would not be able to support those it currently does.



The Endeavour Rally leaves Ipswich on the 4th of June, and treks to Uluru, witnessing what they hope is a spectacular sunrise before traveling on to arrive in Stanthorpe on the 21st of June. The rally is one of the Endeavour Foundation’s biggest fundraising efforts every year, and has grown to incorporate the annual NSW Great Endeavour rally. Running since 1988, the QLD Great Endeavour Rally is one of the state’s most well-known fundraising events, and draws competitors from across Australia, driving some incredibly unique cars.



After suffering several setbacks before the rally has even begun, including a hole in the engine at the Jimna fundraising day earlier this year, Groot the Truck hit the field at Archer Falls to give spectators a good show at the Spear the Spud competition, prompting drivers and passengers in cars from all walks of life to throw their hat into the ring and join the fun, adding to the fundraising efforts in the process. The event proved to be a winner for the crowds, with everyone jostling for a good viewing position or to get their car into the competition. Passengers laughed as they attempted to spear the spud, and the winners took home a $500 prize pack.



The Fly, Drive, and Gallop in event kept visitors entertained throughout the day with displays from a Red Baron tri-plane WWI replica and a Murphy Renegade biplane replica; competitions such as spear the spud and an extensive show ‘n’ shine; face painting and jumping castles for the kids. A stunt plane provided daring opportunities for visitors to view the event from a whole new vantage point; and volunteers manned the canteen throughout the day, providing good quality food and drinks to keep everyone’s motors running.


Article and photographs by Nicole Jenkins