Coffs Coast Khanacross Rnd 1

The February 5 round 1 of the Coffs Coast Khanacross Series has been run and won. The club had a good turnout for the first event of the year with 15 competitors, 8 of which were juniors. Everyone enjoyed the courses. The courses providing competitors good runs in the limit of the paddock. The day was hot and dirty, as a lot of dust was kicked up by the cars. The dust played havoc with the timing gear, which we had to revert to stopwatches.

It was good to see and hear some of the cars out on the day. Gianni’s Datsun 1600 (not 1600cc) sounded great with Gianni and Ryan spending lots of time going sideways. John Kelly’s WRX also sounded good and its all wheel drive action obviously providing plenty of grip on the day with Jordan , coming 1st outright and beating car owner John Kelly, who come 2nd. Last time Jordan will be driving John’s car I recon. Ian Marriott posted better times than John in his WRX on some of the runs and came third in his front wheel drive Mazda. Ian certainly was trying.

In Class A we had Liam Beard in his 1 litre piazza cutting Diahatsu Charade came in 1st. Liam has proven to be a good little steerer even with the package not working in the dry conditions. At this stage I’d like to welcome 2nd place Harvey Summersell and 3rd place William Bond to the club and hope I’ll be seeing them at our next event that juniors can compete in. Round 1 of the Coffs Harbour Auto Electrical Motorkhana Series, which starts on 23 April. Check the clubs calendar.

Class B was the most contended with Nathan Johnson coming home 1st in his Nissan Pulsar. Nathan posted good times all day with only one WD time. Even with a full sheet of clean runs Karl Higgins couldn’t beat him in his Daewoo and came in 2nd. 3rd Place went to Sam Rigoni in his WRX sounding Excel. Sam showed commitment throughout the day doing a beautiful slide around a post, as if he was in a WRC. He also treated some corners with full throttle detest.

In Class C, there was Ian Marriott and only Ian. So he came 1st. Ian is a good steerer and competes in just about every club event. Ian new he had his work cut out to win with a WRX entered and really did some good times. He was quicker than the one of the drivers in the WRX on some runs in his 1.8L Mazda 323.

In Class D had Ryan Moran and Gianni Accadia driving Gianni’s Dato 1600 (not 1600cc). That’s how they finished Ryan 1st with car owner coming 2nd. There is a theme here with sharing/owning  a car. Anyway, the Dato, like I said earlier sounded good and spent most of the time sideways with rooster tails of dirt out the back.

In Class G we had the likes of Jordan Bennet and John Kelly driving Johns WRX. As mentioned before Jordan beat John in outright. So you may assume the same here in Class G.

The Juniors rocked out on the day with a total of 8 drivers turning out. The quickest of these being Karl Higgins coming 1st with Sam Rigoni coming in 2nd and Liam Beard coming home in 3rd. All the Juniors showed a lot of skill on the day, keep on coming guys, you’ll just get better.

In the Ladies Class, we only had 2, they both come from the Atkinson family. Older sister Sarah coming 1st to Billie-jean in 2nd.

I hope you all had a good day even though it was hot and dusty. The club has it’s round of the NSW Rallysprint series coming up on March 12 with the first round of the Coffs Harbour Auto Electrical Motorkhana Series starting on 23 April. See you next time.