Through The Lens

Queensland Rally is it Dying?

I love Motorsports especially Rally! The things that many may not like about it, the dust being out in the bush flies, well maybe not the flies are all part of what I love about the sport as well as the action. But in light of recent events here in Queensland ie: the loss of the International Rally of Queensland and now also the loss of the Border Ranges Rally the declining number of entrants and  lack of officials to be able to run events the question has to be asked, yes i have asked it before and many didn’t like it but the facts are there plain to see “IS RALLY DYING IN QUEENSLAND” . There have been a few drivers that have become fed up and moved to tarmac events, some who have just parked up their cars, why? Events in other states are thriving but not Queensland, what are they doing that Queensland is not? Motorsport is a spectator sport without spectators the sport dies many don’t subscribe to this opinion but the facts are still the same without spectators where does the money come from? For any business to even consider shelling out sponsorship dollars they need to be able to see at least a hope of a return on the investment. Where does that return come from? Spectators both at the event and those that follow the media coverage after the event. Many would be spectators don’t want to drag their families 200km out into the scrub to spend a day in the dust watching cars, but taking the recent Rallysprint at the Widebay Motorsport Complex as an example will happily travel 10 minutes out of town to watch the same type of action. Should we be looking to promote more of these type of events? Should we be looking to find new areas closer to civilisation to run rallies, yes it involves more work but if the current formula and selection of roads on which to rally doesn’t work then you need to change it.We would love to hear from all of you the fans the competitors even the one day soon to be competitors, tell us what you think! Till next time STAY DUSTY.