Wide Bay Motor Complex Rallysprint

Nestled on the Fraser Coast between Maryborough and Tin Can Bay is the Wide Bay Motor Complex and this was to be the first ever event. A swath of volunteers had worked tirelessly to put this event together, and were rewarded with a full entry card of 31 competitors and spectator numbers in the hundreds. I have said it many times Motorsport is a spectator sport and if you give it to the people in a place that’s easy for them to get to they will come.

The event was due to commence at 10 am and like a well-oiled machine at 9.40 crews were out doing a reconnaissance lap. Some well-seasoned veterans and some not so seasoned drivers were ready to do battle.


Tristan Carrigan the boy from the bush that wowed many a couple of seasons ago in his front wheel drive Ford laser was first off the line in the EVO 6, setting a quick 5.07 around the 8km track. Ian Menzies took up the challenge and posted a 5.02 and Simon and Margot Knowles rounded out the top 3 with a 5.18 and Jo O’Dell just 1 second behind. Disaster struck Andrew Lenton after he blew his motor barely 3km in, and Brad Hurford decided to some course changes by putting the big Falcon on its side. Andrew was the first but wouldn’t be the last.

SS2 was again taken by Menzies with Tristan breathing fire just 2 seconds behind interestingly SS1 was to be Menzies best lap time of the day. Simon was again 3rd quickest with Rob Dixon just behind.

SS3 the last lap in this direction Menzies posted an identical time but Carrigan pulled out the stops and set a blistering 4.53 quickest lap overall all day. Kent Lawrence having a crack at the classics in an old Celica decided to test the old beast’s strength out on a tree, the tree lost and barely a mark on the old girl could be seen.

A few notables for this group Dave Feron and Catriona Kelly in the Stanza pulling times in the 5.30’s as was Gerard McConkey in only his second outing in the new machine.

SS4 and in the reverse direction was to be Simon’s setting a 5.23 to Menzies and Dixon’s identical 5.25. Tristan was having trouble and could only manage a 6.55 and it was to be his last as the turbo gave it up, as Tristan and Jo were sharing a car it was also the end of her run. By this time there were a total of 8 cars out of the running.

SS5 the final run again went to Simon with Menzies a staggering 19 seconds behind along with Dixon and Kim Acworth just 1 second behind them. Gerard McConkey pulled a 5.30 and Dave Feron a 5.37 for 2nd and 3rd.

Overall for the day Ian Menzies the winner Simon Knowles and Rob Dixon 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Great event hats off to the organisers and the officials on the day for a really well run event.