About Formula Vee

Formula Vee began in 1965 as an affordable, entry level, open wheel motor racing class. Past champions who began in Formula Vee include John Bowe, Colin Bond and Larry Perkins, and up and coming drivers include Aaron Russell beginning a career in V8 Supercars.

Formula Vee will suit all aspiring drivers whether young and straight out of Karts wanting to make a career as a driver or the more mature person who may have always had an interest in motor racing but never had the opportunity when younger. Age range currently in NSW is from 14 to 72 and it is never too late to start. We have had at least one driver start at age 60 plus and have had several lady drivers in NSW.

The category is tightly controlled so the emphasis is on driver ability rather than spending money. The cars run a sealed VW “beetle” engine and gearbox, VW rear swing axles and VW front H Beam suspension, control tyres and are subject to minimum weights and ride height.

The field is usually around 25 cars running in 1200 and 1600 classes with around twenty 1600 s and five 1200 s. Each State (except Canberra which is included in NSW) runs a 1600 Championship and a 1200 Championship, plus NSW usually has two Club only point score events, There is also the Australian Series held over three rounds with one in NSW, one in Victoria and one alternating between Queensland and South Australia and a National Challenge hosted over one weekend by each State in turn. The 1200 s are cheaper and just as much fun and ideally if you are planning a career in motor racing you would aim for the 1600 but if there for the fun and challenge a 1200 is half the price.

Prices for a competitive car are around $8,000 for a 1200 and $15,000 upwards for a 1600. Set up cost for race suit, gloves, boots and helmet starting around $2,000

Annual running cost would start around $6,000 for a 1200 for one set of tyres, six State Championship race entry fees and practice days prior to the race and accommodation for away events. Annual running cost for a 1600 will be higher at around $10,000 including several sets of tyres and an annual engine freshen up. A 1200 should run for a couple of seasons without an engine rebuild. Gearboxes and other fittings have a long life.

Check out the web site at www.fvansw.asn.au for the NSW site and www.fvee.org.au for the national site and Classifieds or call Bernie Cannon (FV NSW Secretary) on

0408-214080 if you would like more information.


Article by Bernie Cannon