Through the Lens


This month marks 5 years of your favorite mag, I won’t lie it’s been a struggle and also a pleasure. In those 5 years we have gone from a 1 man show to a staff of around 10 very valued and talented photographers and writers.

So I feel it’s time to announce some news…

We are having a shift of focus from mostly rally to circuit…. Why?

With rising costs and waning sales, keeping a focus on rally alone is just not a sustainable business model. We Are Not cancelling our rally coverage just adding to our coverage of motorsport in general.

Many events are now starting to request our photographers have CAMS accreditation in addition to Public Liability insurance, while this is not necessarily a bad thing as it encourages a higher standard of media, it is a rather significant cost at $240 per person and really nothing gained for it but an ID card and a High- Vis vest. These funds must come from somewhere. By expanding our coverage to include Circuit racing, we add a greatly expanded number of events and the costs start to become more reasonable.

Now to a happier note in celebration of 5 years we are going to start publishing some of our earlier issues when we were still a print publication (another sacrifice for finance). Enjoy and remember