5-time World champion Sebastien Ogier at the media scrum at the end of the day.

Up early again 4.30am, for a longish drive to south of Coffs for the longest stage of the rally, a stage called “Nambucca” it is about 50 km’s long. A few years back I saw a rally photo that I liked but I could never figure out where it was taken, so this where the detective comes into it. All photographs have a lot of information hidden in the background like shutter speed, ISO and aperture etc. It also has the date and time taken. So, I then joined WRC + online, where I now have access to the on-board cameras recording every stage. Long story short, figured out where it was, the only thing the camera does not show is how steep the hill is, to walk up to get to the spot. It was steep and took three pit stops to get there.

Hyundai – Thierry Neuville


WRC2 – Kalle Rovanpera


WRC2 – Richie Dalton, Shamrock Motorsport team


Aussie – Eli Evans

Probably need to talk about the weather at this point, leading up to the rally it was supposed to rain for the entire three days of racing, but to this point I have not seen a drop, so all good for now. (still got Sunday to go fingers crossed)

Also want to mention the other photographers that I crossed paths with over the week. There was little interaction with the international photographers apart from telling them that all snakes are dangerous, except the green ones, it ended up easier to tell them all snakes can kill you so stay away! There was even a photographer of some note that had two photographers photographing him,photographing the rally. The local photographers covering the event for a variety of outlets were in them selves a variety of characters there was the

Diligent/enthusiastic one

Deprived of access one – Didn’t stop him!

The youthful ones

The grumpy one

The tribal trio ones – three lots of these (they do hunt in packs)

The pretentious one

The dictatorial one

Overall, I have to say that they all were good, professional and willing to share information and assist where possible.

All right back to rally, onto the next stage for the afternoon run. This stage I visited in 2011 as a spectator where they jammed in 300 people where 100 would have been nice, a place called Talarm Hall, near the town of Macksville. Just as I arrived at Talarm Hall the rally had been paused after one of the state competitors had crashed into a creek not far from us and was unconscious, upside down in his car, thankfully nearby spectators came to their rescue and rolled the car up the right way and enabled the driver and co- driver to exit the vehicle.


oops, forgot to mention on the way to the next stage I stopped to take this pic and others of the state competition.



5-time world champion Sebastien Ogier


Toyota – Jari Mati Latvala


Hyundai – Thierry Neuville


Citroen racing


After this stage I went to “Newry” just to find out that a 100-year-old bridge had collapsed so the stage was cancelled, the power of social media was there to see, as the crowd knew before the photographers, that the stage was cancelled, this was confirmed when the WRC television cameraman relayed to us that he was just advised.

All was not lost as on the drive back to Coffs I stopped at the service park and shot a few more shots before going home.


Washing it was not going to help the world champions car.


This was like a mini service before they get back to service park where they change tires, make suspension adjustments etc.


Toyota’s – Jari Mati Latvala checks the suspension height at the end of day 2 action.


Sebastien Ogier on his way to one more interview.


Saturday done just have to download and find the pics for the paper, clean me and cameras again. Whilst the pictures are downloading I call for a pizza and pack the essentials for the next day. Eventually get to bed and go back over the day and some of the images captured and decide if I have done a good job or not.

I have come to the realization that as long as you are prepared and importantly, want to constantly improve your craft, you cannot fail!

So Aim High !

Words and Images By Terry Hill