Thierry Neuville celebrates victory

Last day, I have one question where is the rain? All forecasts have said rain, rain, rain!

Ask and you shall receive!


Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, over the three days it only rained on me for 20 minutes, considering the forecast, that was a very good outcome.

So where to go for the last day, the mud hole I mentioned on day 2 turned out to be a very good spot for pictures with a few of the images turning out quite good, if you stood back a little from the action and included the location.

Toyota – Esapekka Lappi

I have to mention here the encounter with the spectator marshal that occurred, now before I relay that story I have to balance this with another. Every marshal or volunteer I met over the week were, with no exception nice, helpful and courteous. Now back to the mud hole, the marshal turned up and started threatening people with trespass and police intervention etc, if they didn’t remove themselves from this location, it is important to note that it was impossible for the car to reach these persons and they were in no danger, but as they were not in the “spectator point “they had to removed. Police turned up and moved people back up the hill a little further so it was even more impossible for them to be in a dangerous position. A little common sense would have been invaluable here! No spectators no sport!

M Sport – Sebastien Ogier


Citroen – Craig Breen

As Sunday is the last day of the rally the organizers try and compress all stages so the event can be wrapped up at acceptable time, so of to the “Wedding Bells stage” where the main spectator viewing area is located with a water splash. This is where 17 minutes of the 20 minutes of the rain I mentioned fell, thankfully I had an umbrella and plastic sleeves for my cameras, I was quite content to hunker down and wait it out.

Toyota – Jari Mati Latvala


ARC Champion – Nathan Quinn


5 Time World champion – Sebastien Ogier

As I was not fast enough to get back up the hill from the water splash and see the rally winner Thierry Neuville – Hyundai celebrate his victory, I had one more task to complete before the rally is all over for me, and that is the winners podium in the town center of Coffs Harbour.

Hyundai team members celebrate
Hyundai Team – Winners of Kennard’s Hire Rally Australia 2017

So, there it is another rally over and time to reflect on all that happened and gauge what sort of job I have done. As I have over a thousand kilometers to drive home I have a lot of time to think on this, overall, I am very happy with my results this year and can see an increase in the quality of the images captured, also happy with the comprehensive coverage that one person achieved and can better tell a fuller story, really at the end of the day, I am the only one I need to impress.

I trust those who have taken the time to read can forgive the clumsy attempt to convey in words all that happened but can see some merit in the images. That is my Photographer’s journey, I hope to see you all next year! For some more pictures check out the link below.

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Words and Images By Terry Hill