E-Town Burnouts.

Emerald heats up with Burnouts


“Now for something completely different” Those old enough will know where that comes from, those who are not, well it doesn’t really matter.


Above -Some of the hot action the crowd was treated to !

“E -Town Burnouts” the poster said, sounds interesting so the cameras and I ventured out  to the agriculture grounds  7km’s East of Emerald town and investigated further on Saturday.

A lot of people must have seen that poster, as a very good crowd had gathered to watch the special guest,  the toothy tow truck “Mater “from the movie cars do his best to destroy his tyres by doing doughnuts ( burnouts)on a very narrow bit of concrete/tar not much wider than your driveway at home.

“Mater” from the movie cars, showed the other cars how it’s done.

All ages and genders were encouraged to compete against more senior and experienced drivers at the come and try day organized by the EMA – Emerald Motorsport association. Drivers young as 12 were there to show there skills. The guy drivers were the majority but there were girls there, flying the flag for the fairer race.

A young navigator readies himself for his drive later that day.

The number plate said it all.

Street machines were on parade.

I have to admit that the sport is a little confusing as the goal is to explode your tyres and create so much tyre smoke that both i and spectators can only see a large smoke cloud and can hear the car or truck spinning somewhere in the center of the cloud, as a photographer i was left to guess where the car might appear from, but invariably got that wrong. I think it must be one of those sports where participation is slightly more than the spectator experience.

Smoke and rubber flew at the burnouts.

I learnt three things

1) take ear plugs

2) determine the wind direction early

3) and clean your lens or filter often.

An old Chevy showed the young-ens how it was done.


A mixture of old and new were there participate.

Overall i have to admit that i thoroughly enjoyed the day and the challenge to find a photo in all that smoke and rubber flying around, i must also admit i had to look under my desk i few times all of the next day as i swear i could still smell something burning and thought it may be the overloaded power board or something.

Words and Pictures by Terry Hill.