Rentsch Dominates the 399

Shannon Rentsch has taken out the opening round of the 2019 BF GOODRICH CAMS Australian Off Road Championships.

After day 1 competition Shannon had a healthy lead come Sunday and the start of heat 2 it was clear that he was untouchable,while the battle raged  behind him for the remaining podium and minor placings Rentsch just stretched his legs and continued to pull ahead.

Greg Gartner and Toby Whateley were the main early gladiators chasing 2nd and 3rd positions. but Mark Burrows was having none of it, after Gartner took out the side of a tyre on a tree Burrows took the chance and moved up to third so did Glen Towers slotting Gartner back to 5th.

By the later stages of lap 3 the order was Rentsch out front Burrows in second Toby Whateley third, Glen Towers fourth and Greg Gartner had slipped down to sixth after Steven Graham had slipped his sports lite buggy into the order.

Final placings were

#1 Shannon Rentsch

#2 Mark Burrows

#3 Toby Whateley

#4 Steven Graham

#5 Glen Towers

#6 Greg Gartner

Words & Images by Lorne Close