St George 399 2019 Friday Scrutineering

Shannon Rentsch discusses this years race with Greg Rust


Shannon Rentsch discusses this years race with Greg Rust
Toby Whateley nearly stole the crown from Shannon last year, will he succeed this time?








Good evening Off-road Racing fans.

The stage is set for a spectacular race for 2019, firstly I would like to say that I have been travelling to this region for 6 years and at present it is the greenest I have ever seen it. Now don’t let that confuse you into thinking it won’t be dusty as we all know these vehicles can create dust where you didn’t think possible. My colleague and I(Terry Hill ) drove the 65km course this morning and all I can say is wow credit to Hank Parker, Trent Challenger , Tony Brose and the rest of the hard working crew to put this new and spectacular track together. The course is not only extended to give some fantastic viewing for the spectators with grandstands and Marquees set up on the rims of the dams that comprise this new Colosseum of Off-road Gladiator competition but the track on a whole has been extended and widened much to the relief I’m sure of the Trophy Truck and 4wd crews.

Reconnaissance Today was followed up by scrutineering at the showgrounds giving all comers a chance to see these mechanical marvels up close.

Simon Evans could be the wildcard

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