Albins ARB Gundy 400 Saturday

Talbot Cox current championship leader


The annual running of the iconic Gundy 400 kicked off today with a massive field of 91 starters lining up to win dusty glory.

Prologue was run with the slower classes to take a shot first, gradually working the way up to the faster cars.

Talbot Cox dominated the time sheets proving why he is the current championship leader and a force to be reckoned with posting a time of 6.56.595, followed by Troy Duff 7.6 seconds behind and Aaron James a further 2 seconds back rounding out the top 3. There were a total of 5 DNF’s  and 4 DNS’s due to a varying causes.

Troy Duff an early contender

The top ten Shootout was run with the slower cars first and ending up with Talbot Cox still at the top of the time sheet, notably Aaron James posted a time just barely half a second quicker than Troy Duff to snatch second.

Leg 1 only 1 lap Talbot topped the sheets again with a time of 49.02 with Michael Marson almost 2 minutes behind and Jason Richards rounding out the top 3.

Michael Marson on a charge
Jason Richards rounded out the top 3

At the end of the first lap there was eleven DNF’s, two DNS and two out of time leaving only  76 finishers from 91 starters.

Words & Images by Lorne Close & Nicole Jenkins