Albins ARB Gundy 400 Won & Lost at Kilometre 399

Bryce Chapman on his final winning run down Malapunya

The 2019 Albins ARB Gundy 400 has been won and lost at kilometre 399.

Day 2 began like any other in this sport with teams doing their usual pre- race preparations. After day 1 racing there were 14 non starters from the total 91 entries.

Talbot Cox got away first followed by Jason Richards, however Talbot was unable to retain his dominant position from Saturday and Jason Richards was to take over and run a near flawless race.  Richards retained a 7 second lead over Bryce Chapman at the end of section 2 with Aaron Haby rounding out the top three 41 seconds behind Richards.

Talbot Cox an early contender for this years crown.
Aaron Haby rounded out the podium with a stellar run


Bryce Chapman had been breathing fire at Richards’s times throughout lap 1 of section 3, taking a large bite out of Richards’s overall lead and cutting it down to 1 second.

Jason Richards pipped at the post

Lap 2 had Bryce on a flying charge that may not have been enough to take the win had Richards not pitched in to hard at the final corner and lose 8 seconds allowing Chapman to be crowned winner for 2019.

Notable drives for the day were Talbot Cox after leading day 1 and starting day 2 in pole position he ended up relegated back to 39th at the end of section 2. Section 3 saw him fight hard and drive like a man possessed to end the race in fourth some 5 minutes from the lead time.

Although the attrition times may seem to have been high with a total of 47 out of 91 starters finishing this year’s race. According to Clerk of Course Murray Rogers that is historically an excellent number.

Among the non-finishers sadly were the Carnage racing team of Matt Gardiner and Levi after their new Holden Colorado truck caught fire after a transmission hose blew. Clayton Chapman also had an oil fire to contend with, in both these incidents the quick action of crews and officials saved cars and crew from any serious damage.

Carnage racing lived up to their name and DNF’d after a fire
Clayton Chapman also had a bad run with an oil fire









Words & Images by       Lorne Close
and Nicole Jenkins